Memorabilia from Olympic Airways

In 1956, the air carrier TAE Greek National Airlines was acquired by the Greek Ship magnate Aristotelis Onassis, on a 50 year lease, at the price of $2,000,000. Onassis renovated the fleet under the new brand «OLYMPIC», identical to his ship fleet flag. The very first pilots of «OLYMPIC» or «OLYMPIAKI» in Greek were trained by Lord Douglas, President of BEA (British European
Airways). Both air and ground staff were trained in the best training campuses of the world. The flight attendants’ uniforms were designed by Chanel, Pierre Cardin, and Tseklenis Fashion Houses. «Olympic» was the air carrier of all 5 continents. Τhe 6 circles of the company’s famous logo, corresponded to one for each continent and the 6th for Greece. Covering the whole world, «Olympic» owned the best slots across every major international terminal and was synonymous to high quality services. Wherever Hellenism was spread, «OLYMPIC AIRWAYS» would fly there.

In January 1975, after the death of his son Alexandros in an airplane crash, Onassis sold all of the OA shares, to the Greek State, at an estimated value of $35.000.000. Today, «OLYMPIC AIRWAYS» is merged with «AEGEAN AIRLINES». «Olympic Airways» highly contributed to the greek tourism development as well as to the implementation of a high profile Tourism Diplomacy.